Vote for google app engine Maven plugin

Yes, Just like you, I am also looking for maven support in GAE.

There is an unofficial GAE maven plugin here. But  It would be great if google release an official maven plugin and publish artifacts to central maven repository.

Vote here if you are looking for maven support in GAE

Update: Finally My trick did the work. I posted link to this issue on mailing lists and blogs related to Java/app engine on January 7.  Since then more than 100 people have voted for the issue.  And the issue is now accepted by google.

Now we can hope for a official appengine maven plugin in near future.

Update 27-DEC-2010

Congratulations !
I just noticed that the issue has been fixed. App Engine 1.3.7 is now in Maven central and future versions will be pushed to central after each release.

See the link for How to use Maven with google plugin for eclipse.

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