The future of Java servlets and web applications – JSR 340

You must be aware of the Servlet 3.0 spec,  and what cool things it brings to the java web development. If not, you can read it here Introduction to servlet 3.0 new features. Servlet 3.0 was released as part of the JavaEE6 and brings many exciting features like Annotations, web framework playability, built in file upload support and comet support. That’s the present of java web applications, many containers like Tomcat 7.x and Glassfish V3 supports Servlet 3.0 Spec.

The future of servlets

There’s yet more goodness to come to servlets , A new specification request, JSR 340 has been submitted, that will develop the new version 3.1 of java servlets.  The JSR 340 will be part of the JavaEE 7

Here’s the main theme of the Servlet 3.1 spec

  • Cloud support : The main theme of the JavaEE7 would be to improve the platform for cloud
  • Multi tenancy support : Just like cloud, multi tenancy are becoming quite popular with the SAAS applications. So in the 3.1 version of the servlets, we will see a built in support for multi tenancy that will consider the things like security, session state, resources and other isolation requirements.
  • Improved support for asynchronous request processing.
  • Utilize the Java EE concurrency APIs for asynchronous support.
  • Security improvement based on the   security enhancements in servlet 3.0 spec.
  • Take the advantage of HTML 5,  support for web sockets.

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