wireframesketcher – You will love this plugin

When some one said ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, He said true. During the early phase of the projects, I frequently have to create screen mockups and send to client for review. I have been always doing this by hand (though i knew about the tools). But when I found about the wireframesketcher I decided to give it a try, mainly because It worked within eclipse, and I am really quite satisfied by the results that now I will be using it for all the future projects.

If you are a developer and use eclipse, and you need to create screen mockups, then you must try this plugin.  Get the  trial version of the plugin.

Wait for a complete review…. I will update with some example screens


mvn eclipce:eclipse gives error – Request to merge when ‘filtering’ is not identical

Description: You get the error Request to merge when ‘filtering’ is not identical when running mvn eclipse:eclipse on a maven project

Root cause: It’s because of the change in maven eclipse plugin

solution: try this

mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-eclipse-plugin:2.6:eclipse

Eclipse project missing java builder

Description: Eclipse can not build the project, because  project is missing default builder.  It happens most of the time when checking out project from SVN or CVS.

Solution:  You need to add the default Java builder into .project file.

Verify that following lines are present in .project file of the eclipse project. If it is not present in the file, copy it from here and save the file.

Adding default Java builder


That’s it! select the Java builder from project propertiese > builder, clean and build the project again. you should be able to build the project now.

An internal error occurred during updating JSP index

Problem Whenever I replace any jar file in workspace, eclipse shows error
An internal error occurred during updating JSP index

Solution the only solution I know so far is, restart eclipse workspace.

Unable to install breakpoint due to missing line number attributes

Unable to install break points in eclipse.
This is a very common error with eclipse. When you try to set a break point, eclipse says “unable to install breakpoint due to missing line number attributes”.

Description of the error

Can not set the break point. A dialog box appears with the error message like

Unable to install breakpoint in xyz class due to missing line number attributes. modify compiler options to generate line number attributes.

Reason: Absent line number attributes in generated class file.

Follow this steps if you are compiling classes using eclipse

1. If you are compiling using the eclipse. Verify the class file generation options.

Go to windows > preferences > Java > compiler screen.

Make sure that add line number attributes to generated files (used by debugger) check box is checked.

If you don’t know, what other options are. Check all other three check boxes also.

Eclipse - preferences

Eclipse - preferences

Follow this steps if you are compiling using ANT

Look into the build file and make sure that debug attribute is set to true in javac task

<javac  debug=”true” srcdir=”” destdir=””>

Set debug=”true” and build again.

<javac srcdir=””  destdir=”” verbose=”false” debug=”true” debuglevel=”lines,vars,source”>

That’s it !! Try setting the break point again.